Thursday 27 December 2012

Christmas Day on Bondi Beach

Storms are forecast, it’s blustery and a scarf wouldn’t go astray. Christmas day in Sydney is often cloudy but I can’t remember it being quite this miserable. I head for North Bondi just after 7 am where there are more police and security men than punters. People have to undergo obligatory bag checks for alcohol before being allowed onto the beach – even at this hour!

The lifesavers are putting up their tree, as they do every year.

They’re an easy going lot. They pose with a zany father and his family, no doubt the first of many. 

I meet Aussie Alison and her husband Alistair from Glasgow. It's been Alistair's dream to experience a hot sunny Christmas day. This is his fourth in Sydney and it still hasn't happened. He says it's a tough day for him, he's missing home. 

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