Friday 1 March 2013

No Animals Were Hurt During the Making of this Blog

except maybe for the ants I accidentally trod on. And in case you've not noticed, summer is finished. But there are still more stories to tell and a wee event that's too good to miss - mardi gras tomorrow!

Over the summer I've been capturing animals, so many of them rescued from dreadful fates. Here are the dogs and other pets from summer, starting with three of my favourites:

Sage who ran away from a farmer who was thinking he might shoot him when he was less than two. He's now a special dapper gentleman of 15 who lives with Lyn.

Who's the big beige fairy under the Christmas tree? Why it's Oscar of Arcadia, the one with the big smile and laid back attitude. But Oscar can become really scared if you're big, male, human and loud. He was relinquished to the RSPCA horrifically underweight about three years ago.

The wonky tooth came loose when someone smashed Cosmo's jaw. Yes he's our ex circus dog star, beloved and celebrated in Bundeena and beyond.

Puss who was found wandering the streets of Bondi homeless, just out of kittenhood and heavily pregnant.

Kel the Kelpie outside the Wilfred Owen Hotel in Lilyfield. Kel's owner says he's a hit with the ladies.

Spotted in Martin Place in the city - what's in that bag?

Danielle with 6 year old Ollie in Hyde park. Ollie is her second dog from Greyhound rescue and she says he is the gentlest of hounds. She also tells me the greyhound racing industry confess to putting down about 20,000 greyhounds per year - I wanted to be sick. 

Titus in Camperdown Memorial Park with his new best friend, a dachshund. They'd met just the day before but it looks like a love story. 

This is Margie also known as Beastie Girl, spotted in Callan Park but visiting from Campsie. Her carers replied of course to my question about whether she was a rescue dog; 'Can't you tell? She's frightened of everything!'

Sir Lancelot currently resides in St Peters but he'll be winging his way to his owner in London shortly. Definitely not a rescue dog.

Bec and the wonderful Tyson from Bundeena. Tyson is a rescue dog. 

Captured in Pyrmont. 

Seen tied up and fed up just near the 'no dogs on the beach' council sign at Bronte. 

Old John and his rescue dog Rex in Callan Park Rozelle. 

Spotted (sorry) in town during the Australia day celebrations.

Clarrie, rescued from the pound the day she was due to be put down. She belongs to old bastard Leif and his wife Christine and no, she didn't touch a drop of that claret.

Oi, a homeless dog who was taken in by Mr Bashful (Mark) whom I met at Speaker's Corner in the Domain (his story is coming).

Who could forget Fretsie with Georgie the resident cockatoo from the Friend in Hand Hotel in Glebe?

Dapper, a touch worried and spotted in Balmoral.

Ulric's cat Bisou who stayed with him for the whole of his sea journey from Europe, only to die on the last leg before Sydney (poisoned from the bluebottles he ate).

A pet shop owner told Julie this little dog had been with him for ages and if she wasn't sold by the end of the week, he'd have to 'move her on'. Julie didn't ask him what he meant by this but decided she needed to go back for Darla.

Hercules at Rozelle markets whose male owner left him for another woman. 

Spud from my post about Bronte who waits for his surfer owner every day, then gets to choose a palm frond to take home.

Sheba, the fearless cat from a grocer in Rozelle who sees off many a big dog. 

Brutus was in the dog house for rolling his face in something nasty. He's a pet shop boy who lives in Lindfield.

A Labrador languishing in the summer heat, Rozelle.

The dapper Bert from Maianbar, who was bought from a breeder.

Hi there.

Not sure about you.

Really not sure about you - Marcel from ici et la, Surry Hills.

A recently coiffed Betty at Rozelle markets. Whoa black Betty!

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