Wednesday 9 January 2013

Pool Life Drummoyne

This post comes courtesy of Peter who brings us these pictures of Sydney pool life. For those new to Sydney, most of its suburbs lay claim to a pool, a raft of volunteers, and teachers who train in the vital business of swimming. Many a child has risen at dawn to swim the millions of lonely laps necessary to produce a range of competencies from strong life-long swimmers to champs.

The Drummoyne pool lies alongside the foreshores of the inner west, adjacent to the new extensions to the Iron Cove Bridge. Although built in 1904 the legacy of the 1950s renovations prevail. The bleachers provide a bird's eye view beyond the pool to St George's Park, Callan Park and the Parrramatta River. It is one of the few pools that combines chlorine with saltwater.

Top right of frame lies the Callan Park tower that features in my post about the Sydney College of the Arts.

Vito has a deep muscle relaxation experience.

Vito is about to have a non-deep muscle relaxation experience thanks to his nephew.

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