Thursday 7 February 2013

Bird Island, Georges Hall

Every evening at dusk, over 1,000 native ibis fly in to roost on a small man-made island set in an artificial lake in Georges Hall near Bankstown. Although ungainly on land, the ibis look like aeronautical masterpieces in flight.

The ibis were an unfamiliar sight in Sydney until 2003 when they arrived in droves from inner New South Wales to escape the drought. They've since flourished and have become a fixture of daily life.

This small nature reserve is adjacent to a busy main road yet throbs with bird life. Corellas, the short stubby cousins of the cockatoo, swoop in and make a racket with their asthmatic screeching. They perch in the trees beside the lake although they don't stray near the island. Herons are the only other birds welcomed here.

I noticed this ibis back in December at the fish markets, just about to dive into a juicy dumpster.

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