Friday 15 February 2013

Ode to Valentine

I took the bus into town yesterday evening to capture the Valentine's Day lovers. Givers or receivers of flowers were all about. The queue at Haigh's Chocolates was enormous and people were diving into buckets of long stemmed red roses on street corners. They loitered at famed meeting spots, spoils in hand and lit up when their lovers arrived. Buskers had moved in with a vengeance. And yes, it was probably all commercially driven but there was tenderness on the streets and a warmer than usual atmosphere.

Lucy says she's happy to receive this bouquet.

Eddie in George Street is rushing home to his sweetheart.

Harry is about to take his beau out to dinner. 

Anna is passing through. Currently living in the Blue Mountains, she'll shortly move back to Sydney.

A street performer mucks around with a woman with the most hilarious laugh on the corner of Park and George Streets. 

'Where are you? I'm waiting for you', says Marissa at the entry of the Westfield complex. 

Jessica in Pitt Street Mall has the most spectacular bunch of flowers. He must have spent a fortune. Me thinks a proposal might on the cards. Did it happen, Jessica?

I tell her she looks gorgeous - she dressed for an office occasion today and is on her way home.

Chris didn't choose the ribbon that perfectly matches Tasha's dress. Just call it serendipity!

Su's dress matches the decorations in the Strand Arcade. 

Saliya waits for a bus on George Street.

Josh and Steph meet up at the Town Hall steps. 

And Adam and Phoebe wait to cross Druitt Street. 

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