Monday 7 January 2013

Out for a Duck

According to Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman his five storey high, five storey wide PVC duck has healing properties. In a Sydney Morning Herald article, Hofman also said he'd seen people so moved by a duck placing in Belgium they were crying by the end of it. Mmm. Billed (sorry about this) as the 'Arrival' and one of the major attractions of the Sydney festival, I was intrigued enough to brave the crowds at Darling Harbour and experience a Hofman duck placing for myself.

There is a one and a half hour build up prior to the arrival featuring a smoking ceremony, choir, band, bubbles and various activities on the water. I go people spotting. This family from Chatswood have found a quiet eating place away from the fanfare.

These kids are being the sort of dreamy you become when you're in the third week of the school holidays.

Mum said the twins would not be giving me a smile today and she was true to her word.

Then I'm told that I'll get the best view of the duck from the old Pyrmont Bridge.

I'm just in time to see it being launched from its makeshift pontoon......

and make stately progress towards its resting place for the duration of the festival.

As overheard by an organiser speaking to her friend on her mobile: 'Yeah, its like, giant.'

And was it an emotional experience? No, not for me. It was amusing. It raised a chuckle but I didn't shed a tear.

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