Sunday 27 January 2013

Korrobori, Australia Day Celebrations, Hyde Park

It's early in the big day and I manage to catch the end of this stunning dance performance, created by the directors of Woggan-ma-gule. It is based on the Dharawal or Tharawal story of the creator spirit woman Korrobori and her daughters Warra-tah and Wirid-Jiribin.

The story starts when the world is just water. Korrobori comes down from the sky from the morning star. She lifts the land from the seas and creates the valleys, mountains, trees, plants, fish, birds and animals.

Korrobori makes two daughters from the clay of the rivers to look after the world. She teaches them about the spirits and how to look after themselves and the land.

Then with sadness, Korrobori returns to the morning star, leaving Warra-tah and Wirid-Jiribin a beautiful white flower she has caused to grow. She tells them the flower has grown to remind them of their time together and one day, it will bring them great happiness.

After some time, spirit children emerge from the flower. Warra-tah and Wirid-Jiribin care for them and their children's children become the people of this land.

Afterwards I meet Gavin, one of the dancers and congratulate him. I rue the fact I'd missed some and it was all too brief. He says it felt the same to him - the rehearsals seem to drag on forever, yet the performance goes in a flash. Ah yes, always the way!

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