Saturday 12 January 2013

Rachel’s Naughty Night Out

I’m taking a circuitous route to the Sydney Festival Summer Sounds concert at the Domain tonight. With hours before it starts I follow my nose and stay open to what happens. And who should come bowling down Bathurst Street like she’s fresh out of an Alice in Wonderland book? It’s Rachel on her hen’s night, stopping traffic.  She’s marrying Thomas but in the meantime, she’s off to Darling Harbour for some fun with her bridesmaids and friends.

Oh and thanks for the mementos of your night, girls. I found them when I got home and sat down. The things sticking in my bum were two clothes pegs. One of them reads: ‘Rachel’s Naughty Night Out’ and on the other side, it says I’m ‘a bit of a hottie’.

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